Swimwear Galore

"Whoever said 'Summer bodies are made in Winter' can go jump. But regardless, this frosty season does seem to be over-indexing on queries for good places to buy bathers.

Ugh. Like there's anything you feel more like doing mid-Winter ... there's no good bit about buying new bathers. BUT, there is an easy answer to the question, because there is only one place: Swimwear Galore. 

You can't go there without finding something that suits you. And it's not just for the size 10's of the world. They have maternity, plus size, mastectomy and even full modesty suits. These assistants know their lycra.

You have to go to them, not the racks, and brief them. They'll bring you things. You'll be skeptical. You'll try them on. And you will find something.

To be honest, in my experience what you're wearing matters for about eight minutes into the holiday ... then you realise that it's warm, the water's sparkly, and you're with the people you love. The wobbly bits seem to fade into insignificance.

But in the meantime, there's Swimwear Galore."

- EW