Christmas Gift Guide #1 - Women who deserve good stuff

The ladies in your life often get the rubbish end of the gift stick. Don’t be part of the problem. 

You can't go wrong with PJ's - even with the size. Get 'em big because they're meant to be comfy, not because you think she's a bit fat. These ones from ASOS as covered in monstera leaves, which is the most 2017 thing you can find - not a bad thing. They're around $50 too. Bargain!

Practical gifts like water bottles often suck for giver and recipient. But these look super swish and give everyone a little smug ecofriendly boost.

What are your go-to gifties for the lady legends in your life? Comment below and share the love ... 

Earrings are always a safe jewellery choice, and they're generally not so exxy that you're committing yourself to a taste-mistake if it is a misfire. These days it's all about big and bigger. These gold tassel balls are oddly affordable for JCrew, and festive without being reindeery. 

The black Zenzii Garden Party studs from Anthropologie are bloody gorgeous ... I think it's because they're matte, not shiny.

This is probably a little useless. But it's very pretty. And every woman needs a pretty, useless gift at Christmas. It makes her feel special.