Christmas Gift Guide #2 - Secret Santa's that won't get you fired

Funny, yes - but in this post-Harvey era, it might be a good idea to put the sex toy down.

These keyrings could be seen as a bit of a cop-out gift, because they're cheap and a bit gimmicky. BUT! Find someone who's a genuine Sriracha Obsessive and you'll have nailed it.

(PS I don't get sriracha)

These gradient puzzles are bastards. Which makes them funny to give.

I have a personal hatred for mugs with text on them, which is why I'm kinda drawn to them for Secret Santa. Just make sure your recipient isn't due to be made redundant in the next few months.

That would be awkward (but also make you seem like a proper badass, to be honest).

And for when you really, really need to play it safe: this planter will do you well. It's sensible (without being boring) and cheap (without looking like it). Good for HR to CEO.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 4.07.40 pm.png

Socks are naff. And boring. So, again, funny to give. Plus - there are some ripper patterns out there that you can curate to send a multi-layered semi-secret message ... (squirrels to the cute boy in Despatch with the nut allergy? ... or not?)