Christmas Gift Guide #3 - Pressies for the fam

Blood, water, whatever - get jolly with your clan, and stay that way.

Don't get your legendary aunty a bottle of wine - give her something to drink the wine from.  This Copper Rose Carafe is delicate and stylish and will definitely sell out quickly - go, go!

A bottle of Mr Black is definitely a kaPOW gifty if you pair it with some really delicate and stylish glassware like these. 


With glowing reviews online, you can rest assured that this granny-friendly glass cake stand will feel as precious as it looks (there's nothing as inheritance-wounding as a cheap gift). 

MAKE IT PERSONAL. A very stylish friend of TLD says, "For my parents and sister I have been using The Daily Edited to get personalised passport holders / travel tags etc, or Mark and Graham for personalised leather charger roll up or jewellert cases for travelling..."

- AP

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 11.57.12 am.png

A beach radio? 'SO CUUUUTE!!' is what I guarantee any young woman between the ages of 12 and 18 will squeal. It fits a phone with an amplifier, but also has an AM/FM tuner. Sah retro.

The Little Directory - Mr Black

Young gentlemen often appreciate something green and living in their apartment, that doesn't require mould cleaner. Make sure it's foolproof and (almost) un-killable. This terrarium is both.

What's your worst family gift? I know a friend who received a hairbrush from a great granny ... it still had hair ... ALL. THROUGH. IT ... *gag*