Christmas Gift Guide #4 - Blokes, men, gents and chaps.

Aw, men. They really cop it at Christmas. Enforce a strict book / sock / golf ban and everyone will be happy.

For someone who claims a personal hatred of mugs with text on them, it's a bit rich that I've recommend two in the space of as many weeks. But, whatever.

THIS mug would be an ACE gift for any man.

Calendar? YAWN. But this one doesn't have sport OR cartoons all over it.

The gradient calendar is fucking stylish, and makes anyone who owns it look at least 40% cooler.

It's not Christmas unless you get a toy. Yes, the wonderfully-named Mr. Pip's Liar's Bluffing Dice Cup Game does encourage a fair bit of lying and cheating (it says so on the tin), which isn't terribly festive. But who cares!? Come 8pm in Christmas Day, you'll all be playing it.

Guys often get overlooked when it comes to homewares: as if they all live in cardboard boxes or something. These slate coasters are super sleek (... but avoid pairing with the matching placemats - unless you have a thing for the Flinstones). 

It is terribly unfortunate that some of the most stylish men out there are still let down by their fingernails. Gross.

A neat little set like this will snip them into shape in no time. Or, at least, drop the hint that they need to.

The Little Directory - dumpling workshop

Another recommendation from our gorgeous friend, AP, is a course from We Teach Me. I hadn't heard of these, but she swears by them for gifts for hard-to-give people ... like, all men. I've had a squiz and the Dumplings workshop looks particularly beneficial to the giver, as well as the receiver ...