Christmas Gift Guide #5 - the kidlets (or, the fun adults)

Christmas became ✨CHRISTMAS✨ again, once I was buying for kids. Whether they're yours, someone elses, or you're married to one: it's time to get silly.

Kids deserve better jewellery than something that's come stuck on the cover of a Peppa Pig mag. This Meri Meri necklace is very stealable, so maybe offer it up as a 'gift to share' ... ?


This will have your mother rolling her eyes, 'You spent MONEY on that? I made those for you for free!' Yes Mum, but that was the eighties. And, they're super cute.

This is a game without any Disney, Marvel or whatever-the-blah movie affiliation. RELIEF! It looks beautiful and even you could play it through a post-pudding coma.

What kid doesn't love a stick-on tattoo? Things have come a long way since the sad bubblegum tatts I used to put on my hands. Anything Tattly does is divine, but this Very Hungry Caterpillar set will take your stocking stuffer efforts to Next Level.


Oh man, these kids 'starter chopsticks' are cuuuuuute. Best given to your hipster cousin's latest offspring, who you just know has a preference in local sushi bars, and turns their nose up an imitation ginger...

I have a couple of these, and the quality is pretty amazing, considering the price. When you find other wooden toys on more fou fou sites for upwards of $100 (seriously), it becomes a bit of a no-brainer. I LOVE KMART!!!