The best under-eye concealer

"OK, so here are TWO concealers recommendations for the price of one. 

One is exxy and beautiful and does the job. The second is crazy cheap for what you get (seriously - the Mecca lady was a bit incredulous at the price) and also does the job. Who knew!?

Touche Veloutee Enlightening Concealer Brush (BY TERRY)  - AUD$75.00
bareSkin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer (bareMinerals)  - AUD$30.00 (!!)

Both do really good things with the sad dark bags under your eyes. The BY TERRY stick is definitely more fun to apply, because it comes with a clicky-twisty-brush thing that makes you feel like you're painting ON your face. Also, it's called 'Touche Veloutee' which is a sure sign that it's a) legit, and b) nowhere near cheap.
The bareMinerals concealer is basically just the same, at less than half the price. The wand is less sexy and it's slightly more liquidy, but really I think that means you use less.

Go forth and conceal!

- EW