Little & Trivial Events - kids party entertainment

“For a rocking-good children's birthday party, full of music, activities and face painting, then you really must consider Kevin and Lyn of LTE Entertainment. Kevin spins the beats on his DJ system and also runs the entire 2-hour party, which frees up the parents to socialise and entertain the older guests. Between songs, he plays games with the children and gives out his own cool prizes, but it doesn't stop there.  He also corrals the children when it's time to sit for snacks and to have cake: he'sa great party MC. Meanwhile, his lovely and talented wife Lyn sets up a face painting station, treating the children to whatever designs they wish - she’s good and she’s quick … everyone gets a turn! 


If you have a bit of space for his DJ equipment and stand up disco lights, you'll have it sorted. Just a heads up that Kevin also doubles as Santa during the Christmas period, but don't be fooled by his jovial appearance: This guy can throw it down with the best of them!

Highly recommended!”

- ND

(I am proud, without a hint of sarcasm, to tell you I won ‘Best Mum on the Dancefloor’. Yup. Like a boss. But that’s not the only reason why this recommendation is here - EW)